About Lev27

Helping Individuals and Families to keep their homes

We provide rental assistance to those hit hard by unforeseen financial setbacks.

We’re here to be a guiding light during tough times, ensuring that individuals and families can maintain their homes and hope for a better tomorrow.

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Meet the LEV27

Leadership Team

Founder / Director

Larry Steinhouse

As Founder of Investor Schooling, Larry teaches students how to make real money and build real wealth. He guides them through the process of searching for, buying, rehabbing, and then, renting or selling real estate.

Larry also is the co-host of another syndicated radio show called “Investor Schooling Live”. This show is an extension of Investor Schooling and Larry, discussing real estate and the stock market. The show is broadcast live on Sundays in Philadelphia on WPHT 1210 at 2PM on Saturday

Empathy and service fuel the heart of Lev27. Larry created Lev27 as a beacon of hope and support. His non-profit initiative aims to prevent homelessness and advocate the universal right to a safe, stable home. Lev27 doesn’t just embody the spirit of giving back, it is a testament to Larry’s belief in community upliftment and shared prosperity

Board of Directors

Bill Steiner

Bill Steiner is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of businesses. He is the owner and founder of several companies across various industries.

As the owner and founder of Budget Blinds of Newtown, PA, and Cat’s Eye Construction Bill has made a significant impact in the home improvement sector. His commitment to transforming homes with expert design and high-quality window coverings has earned him a solid reputation among clients.

Bill is also at the helm of Cat’s Eye Security. Since 1996, this company has been providing homes and businesses with security, fire protection, and telecommunication services.

One of Bill’s notable ventures is Step By Step Houses, a progressive housing and recovery support organization. Step By Step offers various levels of housing support, guided by general managers and on-site house leaders who are all active in 12 Step programs. This dedicated team works tirelessly with residents and their family members to maintain a safe, structured, and positive environment in their recovery communities.

Board of Directors

Rabbi Zalmon Belcher

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Rabbi Zalman Blecher, a respected community leader, now serves as the Director of Lubavitch of Yardley, a nonprofit that infuses people’s lives with meaning and spirituality.

His rabbinical studies in Canada and the U.S. enriched his understanding of Judaism and shaped his spiritual guidance abilities. Rabbi Blecher’s dedication to extending Judaism’s reach led him to support Jewish communities globally, from Ukraine to the Caribbean islands, providing guidance and inspiration. His visits have fostered unity and revitalized Jewish communities worldwide.

As the Director of Lubavitch of Yardley, based in Pennsylvania, Rabbi Blecher has created a nurturing environment for those seeking spirituality. His leadership has enabled the organization to offer educational programs and spiritual retreats, impacting many lives. Alongside his community role, Rabbi Blecher is a devoted husband and father, cherishing the time with his family and imbuing his home with the values he holds dear.

Board of Directors

Pastor Pamela Richardson-Smith

Pamela Richardson-Smith, a dedicated servant of God and humanity, has devoted years to making a positive impact on others. Her service began in ordained ministry in Philadelphia, PA, and she now leads as the founder and senior Pastor of Life Changing Church Ministries of PA.

Pamela’s diverse career includes roles as a federal customer service representative, paralegal, certified travel agent, and real estate investor. Her passion for travel has led her to organize group journeys both locally and internationally, and she’s committed to aiding those experiencing housing challenges.

She values education, holding an associate degree in business administration, a Bachelor of Science in Urban Ministry, and a Master of Divinity Degree from Palmer Theological Seminary. A Magna Cum Laude graduate from the Center for Urban Theological Studies, Pamela also authored “Worshipping Women Who Need Jesus” (2005). She is currently studying at the Investor Schooling.

Passionate about evangelism, Pamela focuses on guiding God’s people towards wholeness through scriptural teachings, promoting team building by recognizing unique talents within her congregation. She considers herself a bridge builder, striving to create communities that embody Christ’s love. As a Pastor, she inspires her church, casts visions, and facilitates spiritual and numerical growth within her community.

Pamela embraces spiritual disciplines like prayer and meditation, which underpin her gospel proclamation and daily transformative work. She’s committed to helping people live holistically, utilizing her gifts and resources to the fullest in her pastoral role.

Board of Directors

Hannah Jesse

Hannah Jesse is a vibrant and creative individual who loves making people happy. As the former director of a local fundraising organization, she raised over half a million dollars for an international charity and facilitated the sponsorships of over 100 impoverished children. Hannah is currently the Student Liaison of Larry Steinhouse’s Investor Schooling.

An avid hockey player, Hannah spends her free time building connections within her local sports community and training new players in the skills they need to succeed.

“I love helping people. When you reach out and give someone a chance you create an opportunity for infinite impact in their community.”

Board of Directors

Dan Jones

Dan Jones is the founder and project manager of T-Bone Jones Solutions, a strategic web design and SEO agency based in Bucks County. The company is dedicated to empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs, offering a range of services including website and SEO improvement, digital marketing, and influencer marketing.

A significant aspect of Dan’s life is his commitment to charity and community service. He believes in the power of giving back and uses every platform and connection at his disposal to contribute positively to his community. Whether it’s through his business, his involvement in hockey, or his membership in 215 Mopar, Dan continually seeks opportunities to support charitable causes and uplift those around him.